Considering various types of application and the high number of immigration programs, it is expected that it takes some quality time to review each applicant’s qualifications against many parameters to find out the best immigration solution. Our experts rely on your information to provide you the top-notch service you deserve.


Canada has over 100 federal and provincial immigration programs, each one of them are designed to specific needs of the Canadian federal and provincial government As you can imagine, the specific situation of each applicant is also different.

That is why we developed a free assessment questionnaire to find out how we can help you move to Canada. Please note that this assessment is free and you are not under any obligation to use our other services even if you considered eligible for any of the immigration programs.


If you are looking for any temporary residence services, Please fill out the application form in the right-hand side and make sure that you indicate what type of temporary residence services do like us to do for you.

Examples of temporary residence services are like:

  • Visitor’s visa
  • Travel Document
  • Work permit
  • Study permit
  • Learning Institution Admission

Other miscellaneous applications which are not the temporary residence but could also be submitted through this form are also as follows:

PR Card application, renewals, and lost cards
PR Renouncement
Citizenship Application


Many people seek to bring their family and loved ones to Canada. If you have plans to sponsor one of your close family members, then we would be more than happy to assist you to reunite with your family member.

It is important that the sponsor reviews the requirements for a Canadian citizen or permanent residence before applying to sponsor a family member.

Please fill out the form on the right-hand side and indicate the family relationship between the applicant (who wants to move to Canada) and sponsor (who must be either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident)

It is imperative that:

Read more about family sponsorship and the income conditions
Make sure that sponsor has not any other undertaking(s), and the current undertakings have already calculated in the sponsorship application.
For spousal sponsorship also:
The marriage must be genuine
The marriage must not be made with the primary goal of gaining any benefits (i.e., immigration to Canada)
Please add as much as possible of information so we could better help to you!



Under some exceptional circumstances, where applicants could not afford the retainer fees and without an immigration counsel, their status in Canada would be jeopardized, Meritrusts Immigration Consulting will provide their services as pro-bono, or free of charge. If you feel this is the case for you, please fill out the the form, explaining exactly why you are entitled to pro-bono services and what type of application/request you do have.

Please note that every month, new pro-bono cases would be selected from this pool based on the current workload of the RCIC and personnel of our company. Also, based on incoming requests, there is no guarantee that you would be accepted as a pro-bono case.

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