Temporary Residence

It should not be a very complicated Canadian immigration case. Sometimes even a simple visitor visa could face some twisted legal issues. Meritrusts Immigration Consulting has experienced immigration consultants who can assist you in with your seemingly simple application and help you avoid any unnecessary and adverse legal consequences.

Temporary Residence

Temporary Residence cases might seem so straightforward that many people underestimate them. However, after refusal, getting back on the track would not be easy, and sometimes even it is not possible. It is a best practice to have a certified immigration consultant help you prepare your application as per Canadian acts and regulation requirements. For start, you may fill your form here

Canadian Immigration experts call these applications as Temporary Residence because unlike Permanent Residence applications, the residence in Canada has a temporary nature. These type of services are mainly classified as below

Study Permit

Canada has almost 100 universities, but it has much more to offer regarding education. Every year many people travel to Canada to stay and learn in different educational institutions from elementary schools to top-notch universities to various colleges. Studying in Canada will open new opportunities to Canadian immigration and permanent residence. Meritrusts Immigration Consulting will help you to choose the right educational institution for your needs, get the admission for yourself or your family members and subsequently, obtain study permit to visit Canada and study here. You may have us provide you with admission and study permit services so, please fill out the temporary residence form here

Visitor Visas

Every year around 35 million people travel to Canada. Most of these people are from visa exempt countries who do not need a visa to pass Canadian borders (except for work or study, or an extended stay) Around a tenth of these expatriates need a visitor visa. Although in some cases an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is required for visa-exempt passport holders. To have Meritrusts Immigration Consulting help you with your application, please fill out the temporary residence form here

Work Permit

Being 2nd largest country in the world with relatively low population has its challenges. There are many vacancies and job opportunities to work and succeed in Canada. In some rural areas and smaller cities, there is a severe shortage of workforce in many industries and segments. From long-haul drivers to tradespeople to the health industry, each province has its challenges to overcome the labour market shortage. Although working as an expatriate in Canada has its temporary nature, but just like studying, it can open up new opportunities for permanent residency.

We are not neither licensed nor have the expertise to act as a recruitment company but if the Canadian employer offer a vacancy to an applicant, Meritrusts Immigration Consulting can provide the services for getting the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) as well as applications for work permit. For start, you may send your request under temporary residence here.


If you are looking for any temporary residence services, Please fill out the application form in the right-hand side and make sure that you indicate what type of temporary residence services do like us to do for you.

Examples of temporary residence services are like:

  • Visitor’s visa
  • Travel Document
  • Work permit
  • Study permit
  • Learning Institution Admission

Other miscellaneous applications which are not the temporary residence but could also be submitted through this form are as follows:

  • PR Card application, renewals, and lost cards
  • PR Renouncement
  • Citizenship Application

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